bolsa automatica blanca (2)

Twisted Handle Paper Bags

The most used paper bag at the minorist commerce.

Blank bags, in several sizes and colors.

We are leaders in the iberian market in sales to customizers of small and medium quantity for the small commerce.

Supports: Cellulose, Kraft and Ribbed Kraft

bolsa automatica celulosa feria del libro madrid (2)

Branded Shopping Paper Bags

Printed Flexography bags with twisted paper handles, standard and special sizes.

Kraft and Cellulose Paper

Printing up to 4 + 2 colors (Full color and Pantones added)

This is one of our main products, being suppliers of important brands and retail chains throughout Spain.


J-Fold Paper Bags (semi-luxury)

Blank Bags on white Kraft of 120gr/m2.  Its main features are its folded edge and its textile handle, that give it a more resistant and elegant appearance.

In natural and landscape sizes.

Colors: White, Gold, Silver, Red, Black & Havana

bolsa JFold Icex (2)

Custom J-Fold Paper Bags (semi-luxury)

Blank bags and also printed in Offset, with back edge and paper and cotton handles or perforated to add any textile cord.

In natural and landscape sizes.

Printing up to 4 + 2 colors (Full Color and Pantones added)

No printing tools costs.

Printing on all types of paper weights, especially highest


J-Fold Gift Paper Bags. Designs Collection 2018

Printed in Offset on 150 gr/m2 Coated Paper
Designs: Chic, Stars & Hearts, Patterns, & EveryDay assortment in a carton box display with Star Bows & Ribbons


Licensed J-Fold Gift Paper Bags

Printed in Offset on 150gr/m2 Coated Paper

Designs: Mafalda, Sarah Kay, Anekke, Bing and Pj-Masks

The paper bag and some of the many advantages for the COMMERCE:


  • 86% of consumers prefer it.
  • They are resistant, they support up to 12 kilos of weight. There is a paper bag for all kind of product, volume of purchase and commerce type.
  • 80% of consumers consider that a brand printed on the paper of a bag is more pleasant and attractive.
  • 8 out of 10 passers-by are pinned on the paper bag brands when they go down the street.
  • They are reusable, up to more than 5 times, people like to store them and reuse them to carry their things. Thus a brand can “walk” endless times around the city.
  • What better support than the paper to print your brand?. Paper bags are the only ones that reproduce all the colors of the world with great quality and legibility.
  • Goodbye to the free plastic bags. 2018 comes with the entry into force of a law that requires to charge between five and thirty cents for each bag that delivers a trade. Thus, Spain will incorporate the 2015/720 European Directive  into its legal framework to reduce the consumption of plastic bags throughout the EU through measures such as the collection of a minimum price for each one of them. The cost of each bag is set according to its pollution power.

Why replace the plastic bag with the paper bag?

and these are just some data …

ban plastic bag
  • This year 5 billion plastic bags will be consumed, 160,000 per second, one after another would go around the world 7 times per hour and cover an area twice as large as France.
  • Only between 1% and 3% of plastic bags are recycled worldwide.
  • Even with the most advanced recycling available, old plastic still requires 30% virgin material to convert it into new plastic.
  • Plastic bags are made of polyethylene which is an oil product. Production contributes to air pollution and energy consumption.
  • It must take up to 1000 years for a plastic bag to decompose.
  • In any case, the plastic bags do not biodegrade, they are photodegraded, that is to say that they decompose in small toxic particles that contaminate the soil and the waterways. Then they enter the food web when the animals ingest them accidentally.
  • The amount of oil used to make a plastic bag is equivalent to what a car needs to advance more than 0,6 miles.
  • Approximately one billion seabirds and mammals die every year from ingesting plastic bags. Not only that, these poor animals suffer a painful death. The plastic wraps around its intestines or drown to death.
  • One pound of paper retains 1.3 pounds of CO2 for life, because trees planted in order to obtain paper from them (sustainable forests) trap in the process of photosynthesis the carbon of the Environment.

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